Udaan: Sooraj to rape Chakor to take revenge!

Sooraj will avenge Chakor by attempting a marital rape with Chakor

Colors show Udaan is all set to witness some high voltage drama in the forth coming episodes. Among other twists, Sooraj’s (Vijendra Kumeria) marital attempt on Chakor (Meera Doesthale) is surely going to become the talk of the town in TV circles. After the entire marriage swap drama of Chakor and Imli (Vidhi Pandya), now Sooraj’s new mission is to torture Chakor. He is leaving no stone unturned in order to torture her. Sooraj’s mother will also join hands with Sooraj in making Chakor’s life a living hell in the haveli. Clearly tough times are ahead for Chakor as Sooraj is turning more evil by every passing day.

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Last evening the scene was shot at Mumbai film city and reports have it that the actors were extremely uncomfortable in doing the scene. In the upcoming episodes, Sooraj will also make an attempt to kill Vivaan but Imli will somehow rescue him. Also, Kama;l Narayan will soon come back. He will be shocked to see his biggest enemy Chakor as his daughter in law in his own haveli.

So all in all lot of drama is waiting for us in Udaan. Chakor and Sooraj’s hate story with Vivaan and Imli’s story running parallely promises a lot of interesting twists and turns. The show actually started off as social drama that showcased the story of a poor girl’s fight for her rights but has now transformed into a typical melodramatic show. But the whole marriage drama got the show ratings and that’s what matters…

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