Kumkum Bhagya full episode 27th July 2016 written update: Will Pragya show Abhi the video?

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi lost in his thoughts while Pragya asks him to call Dadi who must be worried. When he calls Dadi she asks him to come back home but he refuses saying he needs to go Delhi. On being asked about Pragya he says he has no idea about where she is. When Pragya asks why did he lie Abhi leaves the place. Tanu is worried and wondering how to find these two while Aaliya calls Tanu to ask if Abhi  saw the video because if yes he will send Nikhil to jail. She says nobody can save you if Pragya shows that video.


Abhi continues to be rude and asks her to throw the mangalsutra but Pragya says they are not divorced yet. Abhi asks her to end the drama. while Pragya struggles to close the window Abhi helps her. Their eyes lock to the song “Tu meri jaan hai” in the background. Then Pragya makes kada for Abhi since he has a cold and a flashback of the previous time.


Rachna asks Dadi to sleep while Tanu comes and creates a scene. Abhi’s health gets worse and Pragya takes care of him. He then holds her hand and asks her why is she doing this and she says because she feels responsible for it. As he drinks the kada they reminisce their moments and get emotional.


Nikhil calls Tanu asking for Abhi all worried about their video. He plans to protect himself before Tanu and Aaliya drown him.


Meanwhile Pragya covers Abhi with a blanket and rests on his chest.  Will Abhi and Pragya get back again? Will Pragya show Abhi Tanu’s video?