Yuvraaj to unite Twinkle and Kunj in Tashn-E-Ishq

The bad boy turns a good boy…

One who made life a living hell for lovers will now reunite them.In a new fresh twist in Tashan E Ishq, Yuvraaj (Zain Imam) will unite Twinkle (Jasmine Bhasin) with Kunj (Naman Shaw). The show will have an interesting sequence in a church where both Twinkle and Kunj go for their confession in the church.

Kunj who is drunk goes to a church and sees a confession room. On the other hand, since it is raining heavily, Twinkle also goes inside the church and then in the confession room. Both of them are unaware about the fact that they are confessing to the same father. Twinkle and Kunj are on left and right side of the father. Later, when they step out, Kunj directly asks Twinkle to live together with him but Twinkle is confused and does not say anything.

When Yuvi sees both of them in the church and hears their conversation, he replies on Twinkle’s behalf and says yes she will go with you, while Twinkle is still confused.

So what follows next is Yuvraaj trying to bring Kunj and Twinkle together. So he will let his wife go to her first husband. So now the bad boy Yuvraaj will be seen playing a good boy who wants his wife Twinkle to be happy but is she happy?

by Shweta Mahesh