Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Karthik will turn into a typical action HERO!

The upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will have an important message about the usage of Social Media

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is on a roll these days. First came the news of Vishal Singh getting on board as the new Naitik. The viewers were expecting a romantic track between Naitik and Akshara (Hina Khan). But, no the makers have a different plan. The upcoming episode of the show will have some high-voltage action sequences.

As of now, Naira(Shivangi Joshi), Karthik (Mohsin Khan) and Gayu’s (Kanchi Singh) love triangle has been garnering huge TRPs for the show. Karthik will soon emerge as a knight in shining armour for Gayu and Kuhu. Yes this is the new twist in Gayu and Karthik’s love story.

The upcoming episode of the show will not only be packed with action but will also have an important message. Karthik would fall ill and Kahu and Guhu will be asked to look after him while his family will be away. Kuhu will invite trouble by announcing on a networking site that all her family members are out and that she is alone at home. This will be act as an open invitation to burglars. The thieves will sneak inside the Singhanias’ house and tie Gayu and Kuhu to a pillar and tape their mouths. Karthik will hear some strange sounds and will come out.

This will be followed with a filmi action sequence wherein Karthik will bash the thieves with puches and kicks. He will be seen beating them with hockey sticks. He will snatch their knives and will cut open the rope tied over Gayu and Kuhu. Karthik will explain Guhu that one should not reveal private details on social networking sites.

Well this is not it! On the same day, he will see Naksh (Rohan Mehra) fighting with some goons and will jump to help him. Phew! We are sure it’s going to be one power-packed episode!

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