Yeh Hai Mohabbatein full episode 1st August, 2016 written update: Ishita finds Shagun at kidnapper’s den!

It was a highly eventful episode with twists and turns

On Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) feeds Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) and asks her to have the medicine and she reads her a story about Kanhaiya. Watching this Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) gets tearful. Meanwhile Ashok (Sangram Singh) calls Mihika and asks for Romi (Aly Goni) with whom he had a meeting at the hotel. Mihika (Avantika Hundal) says he left long back should have reached by now. Ashok then asks her do you care about Romi then come here let’s find him together. She gets worried and goes to the hotel. Pihu keeps talking in her sleep asking for Shagun. Ruhi asks Ishita if Pihu is ok Ishita says no she wants Shagun. Then Ruhi tells her but Shagun is not in Delhi and Ishita tells her that Abhishek found her location in Delhi itself. Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) sends Ishita the address and meets her and Ruhi directly there. Mihika reaches the hotel and meets Ashok there she asks him if he is sure Romi knows about the meeting. He says I checked the conference hall, maybe he booked a room. They ask the receptionist who confirms his room booking and gives them the room number. They both go and check.

Ishita and Ruhi reach the location and Abhishek meets them there. Ishita asks Abhishek are you sure this is the location? I have been here before. This is where Anil, the kidnapper committed suicide. They wonder what Shagun is doing here and worries if she is safe. Shagun walks out of the building, they ask her what she is doing there. She was suppose to be out of Delhi , Ishita asks her why did she lie? For a moment Shagun is scared then she says she came here to find out about the person who tried hurting Ishita and she lied so Ishita gets to spend time with Pihu and get close to her.

Ashok knocks the hotel door, Romi is in the room. Ashok goes inside and checks the room and wonders where did the woman go? He even checks the washroom but there is no one. Mihika finds a earring on the hotel bed and picks it up but doesn’t say anything then. Ishita asks Shagun to go and talk to Pihu but Shagun says she will meet her in the morning. At the end Shagun tells Ishita that if she stays here she will not be able to bond with Pihu and cries. Ishita hugs her and says Pihu is your daughter you don’t have to go anywhere. Shagun hugs Ishita and thinks how easy it is to trap Ishita in her words.

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