Will Dishoom help Jacqueline Fernandez BOOST her Bollywood career?

The actress has been a part of a few successful films, but she needs a BIG hit …

Jacqueline Fernandez is one of those young actresses who possesses raw talent along with good looks. The actress has come a long way since her debut film – Aladin (2009) and while she has proved herself as a good performer, she hasn’t had a consistent run at the box office. The Sri Lankan beauty will be seen next in one of the most exciting releases of this year – Dishoom and as it hits screens tomorrow, all eyes will be on Jacqueline. Her performance and her run at the box office will be analysed again! So before it happens, we try to figure to if Dishoom will help boost her Bollywood career or not?

Let’s start with a look at her past few hits. Jacqueline took India by storm with her powerful performances in Murder 2, Housefull 2 and Race 2. However, the film that changed her luck was Kick alongside Salman Khan. Since that film, she has been flooded with offers and deals. She has signed films left, right and centre. But, not all her recent films have fared well at the box office. Her next after Kick, Roy tanked at the box office. Brothers made a bit of money but was an average film. On the other hand, her last release – Housefull 3 was also a good film and it made a lot of money too.

Looking at her past releases, you can make out that whenever she is in working in a franchise or in the action genre or is surrounded by an ensemble cast, her film has always done well. Dishoom is in the action genre and has an ensemble cast (Varun Dhawan, John Abraham, Akshaye Khanna, Akshay Kumar), so the film will surely do well for Jacqueline.

Apart from this fact, she has a few action releases coming up – A Flying Jatt and the Bang Bang sequel (titled Reloaded). And in our industry, when the actor’s last release has done well, the next release does get a boost. So Dishoom‘s success will propel the next two films too and help establish Jacqueline as a bankable actress! And hence, boost her career!

So there is the answer! Yes, Dishoom will help BOOST Jacqueline‘s Bollywood career! What do you have to say about Jacqueline’s career till now? Tell us in the comments section below! Also check out how Jacqueline and Varun tried speaking in Gujarati while promoting their film in the video right here: