Udaan 12 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Chakor tells Suraj that he can go back to his family home

Udaan starts with the village women making Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) take off his shirt. It is part of Chakor’s (Meera Deosthale) mischief. An old man tells Chakor that she is very naughty. Chakor thinks we will soon live together in the haveli. She goes to Imli (Vidhi Pandya) who is stressed because Vivaan (Paras Arora) has joined hands with Ragini (Vandana Singh). She says Vivaan does not listen to me. Chakor says your husband is out of limits and yesterday he did something very vile. Imli asks what happened? Chakor says I thought he was my friend but he cheated me. She says he has joined hands with enemies to get control over Azadganj.

She tells Imli to step out with Vivaan and find out the matter. Vivaan tells her to be quiet. She says I want Suraj back in this haveli or else I will open my mouth. Vivaan says Ragini will allow him inside only when she feels he is a threat living outside. Chakor says Suraj is increasing in stature every day. Vivaan tells Ragini about Suraj but she has other ideas. She says I have a plan to manufacture guns and sell them. Vivaan says it is a great idea. Ragini fires a shot from a pistol and says we will be rich. Ragini says the bonded labourers will make pistols and revolvers. She says labour is cheap and we will mint money. Vivaan says your plan is brilliant. He says there is one hurdle in this plan and it is Suraj. He says he lives with the slum-dwellers who trust him immensely. He says what if Suraj tells them not to manufacture guns. Ragini says we have to send him somewhere where is far off from them. Ragini says yes, we need to clear the route to making money.

Imli walks inside and hears them. She is shocked. Ragini leaves for a meeting. Imli says gun business is not a good idea. She says it only kills. Imli says I thought you would distance yourself from Ragini but you have fallen into this trap. Angrily, Vivaan says I am doing this for money and our secure future. Imli says you do not need me and leaves angrily. Vivaan says go and says once I am rich, you will return to me. Ragini calls Chakor and says it is time to bring Suraj back to the haveli for the progress of Azadganj. She says he will be a bandhua. Chakor says he is not allowed even in the premises. Vivaan says all decisions will be taken by us. Ragini tells her to bring Suraj in the haveli by next morning.

Suraj tells his mom that Chakor does not like anything about him and you say she loves me. Chakor says I have won and you are returning back to the haveli. Suraj is thrilled. She says Ragini has overturned Kamal Narayan’s decision and you can do there. Chakor says the sad part is that you have to live with me. They hug each other. Paakhi comes there and says she has got a mosquito net for him. Suraj is touched and says I am going back to the haveli. (Also Read: Udaan 10 April 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Vivaan and Ragini’s plot against Kamal Narayan thickens)

At night, they carry out a small procession as he makes a re-entry into the Rajvanshi Home. Imli opens the door with an aarti thali. She is very happy. Suraj says what was the need for it? She says Chakor asked for it. Paakhi and co leave the place. Kamal Narayan tells Suraj to stop and says no aarti will be done here for his Ghar Wapsi. Chakor looks at him.

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