This director has approached two superstars with the same script, hoping either of them will say yes!

He wants a superstar only…

Even though new and freshly groomed actors are entering Bollywood every other day, superstars here never had to feel the pinch. They were and are fans’ first preference. Their fan following ensures that the films they do make big bucks at the box office. You can check the box office report if you don’t trust us. And guess that has made this choreographer turned director pin his hopes on not one but two superstars. But there’s a nasty game that he is playing.

This director who last year gave a very successful musical dance film with one of the top rung young actors, now wants a superstar in his next. He does have a film coming up which again has a rising young actor in it who has even managed to go past a big superstar recently at the box office. But the filmmaker wants an A-list superstar only and has even approached two of them. However, he is doing it with a lot of planning. The two superstars are unaware that the other has been approached for the same. He is hopeful that if one rejects, the other will get on board.

Presently, both these superstars are rumoured to be at loggerheads, more so because their recent films are almost similar to each other, given the similar subject. We wonder if they will find out about this little game that this director is playing. After all, they have been around far too long to not see through it.

Meanwhile, you tell us if you could figure out who these people are.