This Bollywood star’s decision to change his publicists was not coz of his hot actress girlfriend

PR is not an easy game especially in Bollywood….

 Recently there were reports suggesting that this superstar got rid of his publicist coz of his actress girlfriend. However, the case seems to be something else altogether. There was buzz that the actor’s hot girlfriend had issues with her boyfriend’s PR team. The heroine felt that it was her superstar beau’s publicists who were leaking intimate details of their secret affair to the press. Speculations were rife that the lady insisted on her BF changing his team asap. However it is now learnt that there is no truth to these rumours and in fact the hero’s decision was a strictly professional one.

Apparently the actor decided to move to an agency that came into existence coz of his suggestion. While the new publicists are glad to have this superstar on board, we hear that the head of this agency holds the superstar in great regard.

The couple we hear has no plans of making their relationship official anytime soon. There was also buzz about how the actress was super pissed with her guy when she learnt of a young heroine making advances at an award show abroad. There was a brief lovers spat between the two which was resolved and their love story was back on track.

One cannot ignore the fact that with this move the actor and his ladylove will now be sharing an agency. Having said that we bet the paparazzi has other non PR contacts that can reveal details of the couple’s hush-hush meetings.