The Great Wall trailer: Matt Damon takes on monsters in this fantasy flick!

So was The Great Wall of China really built to keep off monsters?

…well, the new Matt Damon film has this idea! 

The Great Wall Of China is one of the largest manmade objects made on Earth, something that can be seen from the moon as well. The new Hollywood fantasy action flick, The Great Wall, gives a new spin to the origins of the wall. How? By bringing  in the freaking monsters in the play!

Starring Matt Damon, the upcoming movie is based on a short story called The Great Wall of China. The film is scheduled to release in February next year, though there are chanced that film might release in China this December.

The trailer of the film is out, and it has some amazing special effects and action sequences. There is also a sense of mystery surrounding the monsters of the film, as we don’t get a clear picture of how they look like.

The film also stars Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, and Andy Lau. It has also ran into its fair share of controversies, from making an American actor the main lead for a film that is set in China, while the Chinese actors are relegated to supporting roles.

Though we are not sure what to make of this controversy, we can at least discuss how the trailer is. Watch it right here and let us know what you feel…