Sonu Nigam shares a video of Narendra Modi and gets slammed by fans!

The singer was at the receiving end this time…

Sonu Nigam is a classy singer. He may have started to sing very rarely but when he does we just can’t stop playing his track on loop. You would be lying if you say Abhi mujhe mein from Agneepath isn’t part of your playlist or everytime you hear it, something doesn’t stir inside you. That’s how this singer rolls. He puts in so much emotion to his songs that it becomes relative. No wonder he thus has a great following on his social media accounts. Now that’s a great thing but at times that can become a spoiler too. Recently, the singer experienced that.

Sonu had shared a funny video of Narendra Modi’s speeches edited to sync with his song Love is a waste of time from P.K.

Some of his fans didn’t find it funny at all and asked him to pull it down.

Sonu nigam facebook

But there were others as well who asked everyone to take a chill pill too.

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Clearly, his this post didn’t go down well with his fans. But we wonder why the hatred. We are sure even our respected PM would find this video funny and have a laugh at it. After all, Modiji has a great sense of humour. So chill. Unless Modiji takes offence to this video, you can let Sonu Nigam be.

What say people?