Sons of Sardaar first look: Ajay Devgn’s war film looks intriguing

Though the movie is still in its scripting stage, it has generated quite a buzz.

Ajay Devgn released the first poster of his most ambitious movie Sons Of Sardaar. For over a year now, we keep linking Ajay Devgn’s name with his two important projects like Shivaay and Son Of Sardaar. Though Shivaay has been completed and the movie will release this Diwali, Sons Of Sardaar is still in its scripting stage.

Ajay when asked on why he chose to concentrate on both the movies simultaneously told that he has a big production company which can definitely manage to do multiple projects. Besides Shivaay and SOS, he has other two movies in pipeline. Ask him to chose which is closer to his heart SOS or Shivaay, he retorts saying that this would be an unfair question as he loves them both equally.

Son Of Sardaar would be based on the battle of Saragarhi which was fought by Sikh warriors on September 12, 1897. This movie will epitomise the strength and valor of 21 Sikhs who were the real heroes of this mission. Though Ajay respects them a lot in his mind, he thinks he would do justice to them only if he put their courage on screen.

The movie is huge and has a lot riding on it. As a result,  the research has to be extremely extensive and in depth. Ajay does not want to rush with this project as this deal with history and you have to go through a script hundread times before finalising it.

Though his current priority is Shivaay which is two and half months away, once it is out, he would focus completely on SOS. We are definitely looking forward to both the movies.

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