Sanjay Dutt SPEAKS UP about his BIG FIGHT with Salman Khan!

Read on to get more details…

For all those who were confused about the BIG fight between Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, the Munna Bhai star has finally spoken. Recently, there were reports that the close buddies are no longer on talking terms due to Dutt’s Salman’s manager Reshma Shetty. It was alleged that Sanjay was unhappy with the way his work was being handled and was shocked to find that Reshma was demanding a huge sum as his fee. Buzz was also that Salman wasn’t very pleased with Dutt’s growing fondness and camaraderie with Ranbir Kapoor. Some reports suggested that the Sultan hero had suggested Sanjay to remove Ranbir from portraying his role in the biopic. It was indeed a shocker when Salman did not visit Dutt after his release from the jail. While both the parties never really spoke about it to the press, hush hush rumours suggested that Sanjay and Salman’s friendship had gone awry.

On Sanjay Dutt’s birthday today, the actor invited the media for a meet and greet session at his Bandra residence. Obviously, the media wanted to know if there was any bad blood between the actor and his buddy Salman. Sanjay clarified and said, “Salman Khan is my younger brother. I request the media not to make an issue out of this. Roz Salman se mil to nahi sakta na (I cannot meet Salman everyday, right?)”

He reassured the media everything was fine between them and their was no FIGHT with Salman Khan. In fact, Sanju Baba even revealed that the Sultan star had called him to wish him, as he told the media, “Salman did call to wish me.”

Well, hope this makes everything clear for everyone. Since the last few days, we were also hearing reports that Salman would meet Sanjay Dutt today and sort out their fight. But with Salman being busy with the Bigg Boss 10 shoot, seems like nothing of that sort will happen.

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