Rishi Kapoor mocked Hillary Clinton and got trolled by Twitter

Think before you say or post…

These days trolling someone has become so easy. Thanks to Social Media, within seconds of a controversial statement or a news flash, memes and posts on them go viral. Some are funny, some say things just because they have an account while others make genuine observations. But at the end, they are all trolls. Nobody has been spared by it. Recently, the king of wit and dry humour on Twitter, Rishi Kapoor was at the receiving end of a joke that actually ‘left a bad taste’.

Rishi Kapoor took on Hillary Clinton on Twitter by sharing a meme and saying,

History being checked! Tx for it ABjr. If it wasn’t RIGHT,it would have LEFT a bad taste pic.twitter.com/p6MmEnC5uh

— Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) July 27, 2016

Yes, it’s a very bad joke but Twitter found it offensive and misogynistic too. They went on a Kapoor rampage.

@gsurya @chintskap or as woman. Have some respect for Mrs Clinton.

— NYCSA (@shardaH41) July 27, 2016

@russpo @chintskap Imagine your family member in the same meme and you will find why it is misogynist

— Vivek (@vivek17b) July 28, 2016

@chintskap Sir this is not funny at all. The meme is the very definition of misogynist

— Vivek (@vivek17b) July 27, 2016

@chintskap In very poor taste, what if someone made a similar joke about your family member? would you still share it? #SochoDoston

— Scotchy (@scotchism) July 27, 2016

@chintskap Jab guroor aur sharaab sar chad jaata hai, toh aisi harkat karna laazim hai, Rishi.

— NostradamusSezالشاهد (@nostradamuspeak) July 28, 2016

@chintskap it was not expected by an educated person like you. Being witty and funny is good but this was neither witty nor funny. Shame.

— Mili (@PallaviDeb1991) July 28, 2016

Obviously, Rishi Kapoor would react to the trolls too given the fact that he is very vocal about everything on Twitter. So he told them off in a manner which can be summed up as “My account, my rules.”

Why are people so judgmental and moralistic on this platform? Don’t like it,delete me,like I do. Fuck you! It’s my prerogative to comment

— Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) July 27, 2016

I commented on Trump and so I did on Hillary.You don’t like it,delete me. My forum is a fun one. Lots tweet on me being drunk.That’s sad

— Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) July 27, 2016

Well, Mr. Kapoor, what goes around comes around.