REVEALED: Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 will not have celebrity contestants!

Read EXCLUSIVE deets on what the new season will be all about…

Bigg Boss 10 which will begin this October, has already created a lot of buzz like always. Salman Khan, who is hosting the show this year too, shot the promo at Mehboob studio recently.It was highly publicised that the season 10 of the show will have a mix of commoners and celebrities. But turns out that’s not the case. We have exclusive details of the theme of the show this year and it isn’t what you thought it would be.

Bigg Boss 10 has a different theme every year. Recently a source close to the channel revealed that this year Bigg Boss house will only have common people as contestants. Yes! You heard it right. After all these years of fans requesting for a chance to participate in this reality show, the channel has decided to to go ahead with just them. They had even invited application from common people to participate in the show.

Salman had also spoken about the show recently saying how this season is going to have celebrities and common people together which will be even more challenging as there will be people from different sectors. But that’s no longer true. It will just have common people in the house.

We are sure Salman will deal with these contestants gracefully as we have seen Salman host 10 Ka Dum where he had to interact with common people. He had done a great job there and was appreciated by many for his hosting quirks. This won’t be any different either.

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