REVEALED: Plot details of Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico season 2

Priyanka’s character Alex Parrish turns spy in the upcoming season…

Fans are eagerly waiting to know what fate holds in store for Alex Parrish. Priyanka Chopra’s beloved character from the TV series Quantico is all set to return with season 2. We already know that this season’s plotline has shifted base to New York as Priyanka has been shooting in the Big Apple since past few weeks but any other detail was kept under wraps. Finally, the official synopsis has been unveiled by ABC and God it looks EXCITING!

The official synopsis reads “After the rollercoaster events of season one, in which she cleared her name, saved millions of lives, and discovered that the mastermind behind it all was the very man who had trained her at Quantico, American hero Alex Parrish was given a shocking reward: She was fired by the FBI. But in the final moments of the season finale, she was given the chance to serve her country again, in the clandestine ranks of United States’ top intelligence agency, the CIA.” So, we know that already! What’s new you ask? Here we go.

The synopsis further reads “When season two begins, Alex finds herself at “The Farm,” the CIA’s mysterious training facility. As Alex navigates the dark world of espionage, far different and more dangerous than what she’s learned before, she’s pulled into the center of a deadly conspiracy that not only threatens the lives of this country’s citizens, but the lives of countless others across the globe. This conspiracy calls everyone around her into question, be it new faces from the CIA or old ones from the Bureau. Prepare yourselves for another thrilling and heart-stopping adventure loaded with surprises you won’t see coming.” OMG OMG! We are damn excited to see Priyanka Chopra play a spy on Quantico season 2, like her kick ass FBI agent avatar was not enough already.

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