Ranveer Singh claims this is his favourite SIN and it’s hard for us to believe!

Can you guess the Befikre’s actor’s favourite sin? Try but you may be wrong!

Ranveer Singh is one hot sexbomb who a lot of us have lost hearts for. Although, he has his heart beating for bae Deepika Padukone, we still don’t mind sharing him. Yeah, we probably sound like we have a chance with him but hey, one can dream, right? If you notice, ever since Ranveer Singh has returned from Paris after wrapping up Befikre shoot, his presence in social media platform has increased like crazy. Honestly, we won’t deny how much we missed him on Insta when he had taken off to the city of love, leaving our lives void of entertainment. However, he is back and he’s all active on his social handles!

And he just shared a post on Instagram that we think does not match with the caption he has given. So the actor posted a picture of him lazing in the bed with a procrastinated grin and duh, shirtless. Now initially our eyes were hooked to just the picture because, damn that bod deserves more ogling and we ain’t shy to give it! However, we finally got our eyes off his hot bod and checked the caption and we couldn’t disagree more! He captioned it, “Sloth might just be my favorite sin! lazing is amazing…. #BeBefikreDontJudge” Sloth? Really?! The pic gives us a more lust feel bro! But wait a minute. Could it be that Ranveer did that to invoke our big sin?

Sloth might just be my favorite sin! lazing is amazing…. #BeBefikreDontJudge

A photo posted by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on

Well, whatever may be the case, we sure like the feel of this picture. Oh and if you notice, he is winking (very carefully look at the pic). Why do you want to kill all the ladies, Ranveer? Already we know we’re gonna be super flat and fall deeper in the sin pit after your Befikre promotions start. You can already see our suffering but what are your thoughts on this pic?

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