Ranbir Kapoor gave Varun Dhawan THIS advice at the beginning of his career!

The actor also revealed on how he trusted Natasha Dalal completely!

Varun Dhawan is known mostly for his fun side. But there’s a serious side to him, which few people know about. Some quick bytes with the actor on love, life and what’s hot…

Beyoncé or Rihanna?

Right now, Rihanna. I love her and find her music amazing. Beyoncé is great, but Rihanna is cool for coming in and doing the kind of stuff she is and how she’s doing it.

My song of the moment…

Currently, I am listening to Sau Tarah Ke from Dishoom.

What music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of hip-hop and R&B, Drake, The Killers, The Doors. I also listen to a bit of house music here and there. I love listening to soothing music like Alia (Bhatt’s) unplugged version of Main Tenu Samjhawan.

Flirty or intense romance?


Qualities that draws you to a woman…

Honesty, compassion and caring

Qualities in a woman that puts you off…

Gossip and negativity.

Is there a Miss Perfect?

There is no Mr or Miss Perfect in this world. We are imperfect beings living in a perfect world which we have made imperfect.

Live-in relationships are…

To each his own.

Love is…


Describe yourself in five words?

No. I am indescribable because I am infinite as that’s the way we were made. We get put into boxes and compartments by other human beings and not God.

One professional mistake you will never make…

It was great advice given to me by Ranbir Kapoor. He told me never to wish bad for any of my contemporaries. I don’t know why he told me this, but he did so at the beginning of my career.

Three things you wish you had…

Nothing material… material mein leke kya karenge… sab toh chala hi jaana hai… that’s why when people say I have bought a house, I think land mera nahi hai, woh chala jayega. It belonged to someone else, went to another and will go again elsewhere. It’s a momentary ownership. I would like to have a time travel machine where I could just go from one place to another, peace to every region and a way to keep my parents always with me.

Three people you rely on/trust completely…

Aman and Ankit — my best friends since childhood (junior KG) and Natasha (Dalal).

An average day in your life…

Get up in the morning, go to the gym, go for work (shooting or film promotion), dubbing, trying and meet a friend at night, if possible, to feel normal again or play Playstation.

Mantras you live by…

1. Evolution is a mystery

2. Three qualities you wish you had

3. I wish I could fly, be invisible and could sleep longer peacefully.

A funny thing about your pet?

I love dogs. Angel (my beagle) goes to sleep anywhere at inappropriate times.

The oldest thing in my wardrobe is…

I have a lot of T-Shirts, my school jerseys which are signed, which I am very sentimental about and are still there in my wardrobe.

Your fave denim?

I love jeans. I am endorsing a brand called FBB which has their own brand jeans. They can stretch and are comfortable. We can run, jump and fall with it.

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