Pratyusha Banerjee’s parents raise questions about Saloni Yadav’s involvement in her suicide

The parents are thoroughly disappointing with the current investigations

Pratyusha Banerjee’s parents called a press conference today at Versova a day ahead of Rahul Raj Singh’s scheduled appearance before the court. They voiced a number of grievances against the police including the laxity shown by the officials towards the investigation. However, the main issue was the charge sheet was not shown to them despite repeated requests. Shankar Banerjee, Pratyusha’s father along with his wife, addressed the media present. They raised questions on various issues like the delayed post-mortem and how the police had not grilled Rahul Raj Singh sufficiently on the case. Pratyusha’s father asked the media, “If a person consuming drugs is arrested how come someone who is found to be dealing in drugs is let scot free. It is very disheartening that the police has not come down strongly upon him.” It seems the phone conversations have hinted that Rahul used to supply drugs to clients. They also repeatedly said that they had wanted to see the crime scene, the room where Pratyusha was found hanging. “As parents, we are hopeful that we would find some evidence or other that would bring out the truth but we did not get a chance. Moreover, the entire house was filled with belongings given by us. We wanted to keep our daughter’s trophies and certificates but could not do so,” said the distressed mother. They also said that Pratyusha had bought considerable jewellery from Kuldeep & Sons, a known name in Ranchi. It reflected in her bank accounts. “Where is that jewellery,” they asked.

The parents said that they are disappointed in the manner that the investigating officer, Deepak Patanghare has handled the case. “We want the case to be shifted to the crime branch. This is not to say that the Mumbai Police is not doing a good job but we want justice for our daughter,” said Shankar Banerjee. They also said that public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam had promised to help them in the matter and requested the media for assistance.

Shankar Banerjee also highlighted the involvement of Saloni Sharma. He said, “We found out from sources that she was present at hotel Laxmi International in Malad where Rahul and his father were staying a day before his arrest. She also booked a room there with a photo ID (passport) that showed her Kolkata address. Saloni reportedly lives in Lokhandwala Back Road in a flat. Why would she stay in a hotel with him a day before he got bail on technical grounds. Were they celebrating my daughter’s death.”