Prabhas and Rana Daggubati to get a new kingdom for Baahubali 2?

The film is one of the most anticipated films of 2017.

Last year when Baahubali released, it went on to become of the biggest and grandest releases, South Indian cinema had ever witnessed. It was lauded for all the aspects of the film – storyline, performances, direction, sets and the unforgettable VFX! And now that SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali has done phenomenally, there is a lot riding on Baahubali 2. Art director Sabu Cyril has taken on the challenge heads on.There are bound to be comparisons between the two and the pressure now is to only do better.
While talking to iFlickz,  art director Sabu Cyril spoke about his experience on working for the Bahaubali sequel and what he had to give up for this epic war drama.  “Baahubali is undoubtedly the biggest film of my career. It’s like working in 10 films at the same time. It’s one of the most challenging films for me, being a period film and war drama involving such huge sets, characters, warriors, jungles, animals and royalty. That’s when he reveals he had to give up Rajinikanth’s 2.0 for this! Yes, you heard that right. It’s almost like Sophie’s choice.

The best part according to Sabu Cyril about Baahubali 2 was the confidence to go ahead and try out newer things in the sequel, especially since they were given a bigger and better budget. He is all set to create a new kingdom for the sequel but remains tight lipped about further details. New materials have been specially imported for this movie and the challenge to work with them is what makes the entire process interesting. Sabu also points out the irony of working on modern, never before used material for a period drama. “We are working with several new materials which are usually not used in films. Ironically, we are actually using the most modern materials for a period film. The best part is that I am using industrial purpose products for the first time and that too in such a large scale. Many of these are expensive but necessary and are being innovatively put to use.”

Wow, from looks of it, Baahubali 2 is going to be way bigger and better than Baahubali! The period war drama is directed by SS Rajamouli and stars Prabhas, Rana Daggubtai, Tamannaah Bhati, Anushka Shetty. The movie is all set to release in April 2017.

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