Playing Priya: Sunidhi Chauhan makes an impressive acting debut in this twisted tale

Arif Ali has directed the short film…

Sunidhi Chauhan has been an inseparable part of Bollywood since a very long time. She has been crooning SUPERHIT songs as a playback singer for B-town actresses. Now the singer has stepped out of her comfort zone and into the frame. She has made her acting debut with a short film titled Playing Priya that has been released on Youtube today. And it will not be wrong to say that she nailed it.

We have earlier seen Sunidhi many times on screen- promotional videos and judging TV shows. But we have never seen her act. Playing Priya will remind you Sunidhi’s first on-screen appearance – the promotional song for Bhoot – Bhoot Hoon Main. Yep! The story of the short film, directed by Arif Ali, is about a woman all alone in a house. You know where such stories go right? She hears an unexpected noise in the house and what follows makes up the twisted ending of the story.

Sunidhi has no dialogues in the film, but has captured all the necessary expressions for her character gracefully.

Though the film is shot and edited pretty aesthetically, story wise it seems to lack anything new to offer. One viewing of the film and you’d be able to relate. A better insight of the characters could have been of more help to create tension and shock. Nevertheless, for people who love suspense and horror movies, and haven’t watched many, would totally enjoy it.

In an interview with HT, the singer turned actress said “When I faced the camera, I realised how much goes into making a film. The kind of patience and mental temperament you require, whether it is on or off camera, you just cannot forget your character.” She added that her respect for actors has increased by tenfold after this short film.