Parth Samthaan has laughed off the story !

Yesterday a video of Parth Samthaan frolicking in a pair of red boxer shorts with some friends in Bangkok did the rounds.

Media reports floated around that it was leaked to spoil the actors image. When we contacted, Subhash Singh he said, “We dont know from where these videos get leaked. It does not affect us. Parth has laughed at this news. I fail to understand what is newsworthy about it. It has four boys on a holiday two years back and they are in boxers. When people go swimming they will wear boxers only naa. A few days back there were snaps of Virat Kohli riding a horse in the West Indies in swimming trunks skimpier than this. No one made news. This is just hullabaloo. I dont want to name anyone but I fail to understand what people are getting by doing such activities.”

It has been months since the Parth Samthaan-Vikas Gupta scandal hit headlines. The actor accused the producer of molesting him and non payment of dues. Rumours of the two being in a relationship also did the rounds. Speculations that the producer is out to malign the actors image constantly do the rounds.

When we contacted Vikas he said, “I would request the media to keep me away from stuff as silly as this.”

During the controversy, both Vikas and Parth had given interviews against each other. Later, in an interview, Parth had asked Vikas to bury the hatchet and move on, but in reality, the complaint was not withdrawn, and the case was still with the police! There were also reports that Parth had invited Vikas for his film’s press conference.