Not just Salman Khan’s fans but even his closest buddies call Iulia Vantur Bhabhi!

Things sure are rather serious here as Miss Vantur is doing this to win hearts of Bhai’s closest mates!

Wow! Things are moving rather fast for Salman Khan this year. Do we hear wedding bells to soon hit the Khan residence? Well, it sure looks like it may be, after all, everyone has approved of Iulia Vantur as their bhabhi! If you guys remember, we had shared an article of things fans of Salman Khan are calling his bae, Iulia on social media. It ranged from Bhabhi to well, Bhabhi! Yes, Bhai fans have already locked Miss Vantur to be his mate for life. With their relationship not being in closed walls anymore, we just learnt something more about what’s cooking at the Khan residence.

Although, initially Salman did keep his girlfriend out of the public eye. But now everything is out in the open and Vantur doesn’t mind being talked about as she is moving things forward by impressing the Sultan actor’s close buddies. Already if you notice, the actor’s family is in really good terms with the Romanian beauty. However, we just learnt that she has been going a step further in making Bhai’s closest folks like her by buying them all Samsung Galaxy phones! As reported by, their source from Tubelight’s team said, “Iulia recently gifted six of Salman bhai’s core team members Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones as gifts. The ones who got the phone included his trusted bodyguards and his man Friday. This was just a gesture to show that she cared for them too. Bhai is of course known to take great care of his team.”

Another source of theirs close to Arpita Khan Sharma has stated, “The inner circle of bhai has recognised the blooming relationship between the two, has started addressing her as Iulia ‘Bhabhi’ now. And Bhai is pretty okay with that! Bhai’s family is also delighted as Iulia has made it a point to be a part of every big and small occasion in the family.” Do you hear wedding bells, BollywoodLifers? Because we sure do!

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