No Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan or Deepika Padukone in Farah Khan’s next directorial – find out why!

The filmmaker just made a surprising revelation…

Farah Khan is not only a great choreographer but also a renowned director. All her films till now have been big budget ones with A listers. Be it Om Shanti Om, Main Hoon Na or Happy New Year, all the films have a Shah Rukh Khan or a Deepika Padukone or someone. But her next film will not have a star! So don’t expect a Shah Rukh or Salman or Deepika Padukone in her next.

In fact, her next movie is going to be a woman oriented film. As Farah told IANS recently, “I have written a script and this time it’s a small script, and it’s not star-driven. It’s a two girls project so still waiting for it to happen because I have not put a big star in it.”

Farah has a good reason for not having stars in her next. The filmmaker said, “The thing is stars make it easier for the project to be green-lit. Otherwise, everyone will question your script 100 times if you have a star saying yes to it give that newspaper cutting and nobody will ask any question that’s the good side and a bad side to it. You tend to work a little less on the content because you have a big star driving on it sometimes. That opening is for sure. With other movies you don’t know it can die in a week. If it’s a great movie by word of mouth it grows but that’s 1 in 100. I think that’s why not only here even in Hollywood when an actor becomes a star and has a certain amount of equity, name everyone wants to cash on it.”

The filmmaker has not yet finalised the cast, but we hear that she won’t cast a new comer. Farah Khan hasn’t even given a title to the film, but the film will go on floors soon. Also check out how farah wished that her next would  be with SRK in the video right here: