Nausheen Ali Sardar to get INTIMATE on her comeback show, Gangaa?

Read on to know whom she’ll get intimate with on the social drama

Romance seems to be the flavour of the season on TV. Lovey-dovey jodis, steamy kisses and consummation sequences have created dhamaal this time. The latest actors to join the bandwagon of intimate sequences are Nausheen Ali Sardar and Hiten Tejwani. The Kkusum actress plays Raahat Maa who offers solace to Gangaa (Aditi Sharma) who is pregnant with Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) baby. We will soon see a big revelation on the track, which will surprise everyone. People will come to know what past connection Gangaa has with Raahat.

It seems Niranjan Babu (Hiten Tejwani) and Rahaat will be lovers in their college days. This will be shown as a flashback. However, their relationship could not result in marriage due to circumstances. The two actors have shot for an intimate sequence for the show. Hiten who was shown as a middle aged man throughout the show will be projected as a young dashing guy dressed in denims and tee. From romantic to intimate, the two actors have filmed a special sequence for the show. Do Raahat and Gangaa have a deeper bond? These questions will be answered later.

It seems like Gangaa will be told to abort her child if she wants to save her job in the school. Will she do that or opt for a paternity test so that Sagar’s doubts are addressed. Stay tuned for more updates on the show…

To view the entire episode, click on the link below…


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