Nargis Fakhri FINALLY breaks her silence on quitting Bollywood – read full statement!

And she speaks up, once and for all. Read on…

So everyone has been speculating if Nargis Fakhri has quit Bollywood forever or no. It all started after she suspiciously took off to the US right in the middle of Azhar promotions and later didn’t even come back to promote her next film Housefull 3. While many believed it could be true considering she was also going through a rough patch with boyfriend Uday Chopra. Nargis finally opens up, rubbishing all such rumours. Yes!

Taking up to Instagram this morning, Ms Fakhri posted this poster of her next film Banjo co-starring Ritiesh Deshmukh saying, “Looking forward to finishing my assignment in the US and being back to start promoting #Banjo in the next few weeks. #noplanstoquit #hatersgonnahate #allthesearebaselessrumours” Well, now does that put an end to all the speculations?

Not to forget, this is the first time Nargis has reacted to any such rumour for even during her split with Uday, everyone jumped on to 10 different conclusions but not once did Nargis really tweet or clarify anything. In stead, Uday was the one who had reacted to ease out the tension saying, “I normally don’t respond to gossip, but the press has been reporting a lot of fiction disguised as fact. I would just like to clarify that Nargis and I have been and still are very close friends. The press has done a wonderful job of creating stories out of thin air and I applaud their creativity. However these are all untrue.”   He had even tweeted to Nargis adding, ” Hey @NargisFakhri remember when I said I don’t respond to gossip. Well, I just broke that rule. Had to do it!”

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