Milind Soman is running barefoot from Ahmedabad to Mumbai to give us new fitness goals

And you are still in bed…

Fitness today for us has become more about acquiring abs (male and female included) and less about being fit, which ideally is the motto of fitness regimes. Milind Soman is one man who inspires everyone to get fit in a way that will benefit health in the long run. His penchant to run from one location to another is something we all should emulate because nothing can help you stay healthy like running for long. He has now embarked on a journey to run from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and is attempting to cover 550 kms.

Milind took to Facebook to share this news with his followers. He wrote,

He also posted a video of the same

Only recently Soman won the Iron Man title for finishing a run in the record time of 15 hours and 19 minutes. This one will only add another feather to his cap. In a column for HT, Milind had mentioned why he loves to run. “There are two reasons why I, a national-level swimmer, have become so enamoured of running. The first is logical: running and walking are natural ways to keep fit; also the easiest and most convenient, ” explains the actor.

He also spoke about how this activity got him hooked. “But the other reason is that, even when I was a child, I wanted to run a marathon. And when the annual Mumbai marathon started in 2004, I knew I had to take part. There was no way that I could not run a marathon in my own city. So I took part in the half marathon with Gul Panag, and I was hooked. I had an amazing feeling of achievement after that 21km run – it’s actually quite a distance! But I trained for three-four months, and found it very easy.”

With Salman Khan choosing cycle as a means to stay fit and Milind Soman running, you just got two easy ways of losing your laziness and also lose those extra flabs. Time to get out of the slumber!