Mahmood Farooqui convicted of raping an American student gets staunch support from wife, Peepli Live director Anusha Rizvi

Mahmood Farooqui, was convicted on July 30th, a year later after the charges were filed on him.

Peepli Live co- director, Mahmood Faroqui, who was convicted by a trial court in Delhi on the charges of raping an American research scholar has one supporter in the form of his wife.

Anusha Rizvi believes that her husband is all innocent and that their fight for justice is not over. They will move to High Court now since the justice has been denied to them.

A 35 year old, Columbia University student alleged that Mahmood raped her at his South Delhi residence in March last year. However Mahmood’s wife is not ready to accept these charges. Speaking to a leading daily, Anusha retorts that her husband is her soul mate and there is no way she can imagine her life without him. She further believes that, truth will eventually triumph.

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