Kumkum Bhagya : Tanu to blame Pragya for Abhi’s accident

Tanu will take full advantage of Abhi’s condition

After withstanding all ups and downs, Pragya(Sriti Jha) and Abhi(Shabbir Ahluwalia) were finally going to reunite in Kumkum Bhagya. But, it seems the makers don’t really want them to come together. After the DNA report drama and the kidnap track, the viewers were finally expecting that Tanu (Leela Jumani) will be thrown out of the house and Abhi and Pragya will live happily ever after. But, not as yet!

After getting to know that Pragya has told everything to Abhi, Aaliya and team made a plan to kill her. They removed the brakes of her car. But accidentally Abhi sat in that car. Purab informed him that the car has been damaged but it was too late already. In today’s episode Abhi will call Pragya for the last time and thank her for coming in his life. He will say that they might not be able to meet again but he is glad that he got his fuggi back. His car will suddenly meet with an accident and Pragya will be dead shocked to hear the noise on the phone.

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Pragya and Purab will rush to the accident site and take him to a hospital.They will find him in a very bad state. Pragya’s prayers will bring him back to life but he will suffer from a memory loss. Pragya will happily go to see Abhi after the surgery but he will refuse to recognize her. Abhi will hug Tanu in front of Pragya which will shatter her once again. Actually Abhi just remembers his young life, his affair with Tanu, his family and his concerts. He has gone a few years back in life. He remembers everything except his marriage to Pragya.

Tanu will take advantage of this situation and say that Pragya was behind his accident. Will Abhi regain his memory? Will Pragya have the patience and courage to remind Abhi of his past life or will she loose all hopes? Stay tuned to know…

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