Kumkum Bhagya full episode 28th July,2016 written update : Pragya exposes Tanu’s evil truth in front of Abhi

Finally, Pragya gathered her courage and told everything to Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya’s 28th July 2016 episode was an interesting one. We all know for how long Pragya (Sriti Jha) had been trying to expose Tanu (Leela Jumani) in front of Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia). Every time she would try to tell him something, a new problem used to arise. But this time she managed to tell him all the things that had been bothering her all this while. Abhi too had no other choice but to believe her.

The episode started with Pragya telling Abhi that she had took over his property to save it from his enemies. Abhi says he has no enemies but only family and fans. He says you have got used to the lavish lifestyle and that’s why you are making all these stories. Pragya says she can live without the lifestyle but not him. She says she can’t see him getting cheated and decides to tell him everything and asks him to hear her out once.

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Pragya tells her that she had left his house because she thought he is happy with Tanu and his baby. She was living with the support of his memories. One day she got to know that he is getting engaged to Tanu. When she was coming to meet him, she overheard Tanu’s conversation with Nihil that the baby in her womb is not Abhi’s. She told everything to Dadi. Dadi supported her and asked her to gather evidences against them. That’s when she decided to take over his property. By doing this she directed his enemies towards her as she knew that Tanu and Nikhil are just interested in Abhi’s money. She tells him how Purab and Dadi have always been her pillars of strength. Tanu has always managed to find a way some way or the other. Abhi thinks how Tanu used to emotionally blackmail him.

She tells him that she had a proof where Tanu had confessed that the baby was not Abhi’s. She tells him how Nikhil tried to kill Sarla and then her. Abhi stops her and says why didn’t she tell him earlier. Pragya says he didn’t want to listen the truth, she tried many times to tell him but he was too eager to have Tanu’s child. She reminds him that how she had proved her wrong with the DNA report but he still believed on Tanu’s fake report. She tells him how Tanu and Nikhil blackmailed Dr. Sheela and kidnapped Pragya. Abhi asks why did she send those divorce papers, then.

She tells him that she was threatened to sign on those papers. Nikhil had blackmailed her family to get it signed from Abhi. He recalls Beeji asking him to sign on the papers. She tells him how she escaped. Tanu and Nikhil tried to kill her but met with an accident themselves. She took them to hospital too. Pragya cries and says there is no point of showing you any proof if you don’t want to believe. She cries.

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