Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi full episode 1st August,2016 written update : Dev fails to tell Ishwari about Sona

Dev promises Sona that he will tell his mother about their relationship soon

Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) goes to Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) and says that he has been wanting to tell her something that he hasn’t been able to say since a long time. Ishwari asks what took him so long. He says he was scared as he can bear business loss or anything but can’t see disappointment in her eyes. He asks if he can tell. She says yes he is her elder son and is her hope.

He says tomorrow he has audit at office and he has to go, so he does not want her to stop him. She asks repeatedly is that all he had to say. He says yes and leaves nervously. He thinks why couldn’t he speak to her about Sona (Erica Fernandes). Meanwhile Sona also fails to tell her father about their relationship.

Dev calls Sona at night. She asks her about his health. He tells her that he tried telling Ishwari about her but failed. She asks if he is still doubtful about their relationship. He says no. She says they are making a big mistake by hiding their relationship from their families. Dev assures her that he will speak to his mother tomorrow.

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Ishwari reminisces about Dev’s possessiveness for her in his childhood. She cries holding his picture thinking that he has started hiding things from her after growing up. Mamaji comes and reminds her how they used to run in childhood. She reminds him that she is 50 now. He says doctors say that people of their age should remain active. He suggests going to a garden for walk. She says he is right and that she must start keeping herself busy. She goes to kitchen and gives money to Bhola and asks him to go home for sometime. He asks if he has done any mistake. She says no, it’s just that she keep getting bored sitting idle and that she wants to cook food for her family.

Dev returns home and finds Iswari cooking on traditional stove. He gets shocked and asks about Bhola. She says has decided to work. Dev stands dumbstruck.