Kishwer Merchantt: I would love to be a part of Hip Hip Hurray’s sequel

The actress is cool about doing it even if it was a web series

At the recent press conference of Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan, we met Kishwer Merchantt who looked pretty as a picture in a pink saree. The lady is playing the role of Aparajita in the finite thriller series. However, we were curious to know if Kishwer would be a part of the sequel of Hip Hip Hurray, which is supposed to roll out this year. Kishwer said, “Yes, I also heard that they are planning to come up with Hip Hip Hurray new season. I would love to be associated with that show even if it comes as a web-series. Hip Hip Hurray is extremely special for me. Till now, no one has approached me but I would definitely like to be in it.”

Viewers will remember that Kishwer played Nonie, a girl who has returned from America and enrolled herself into DeNobili High School. It was Kishwer’s second show after Shaktimaan. She also been a part of the highly successful college drama, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan as Parth Samthaan’s mother. Incidentally, the new Hip Hip Hurray

The lady also spoke about Aparajita. “My character has grey shades. She dumps her first husband for another man. He is a Brahmin and it’s he who turns into a Brahmarakshas. However, my second husband is an aggressive man and I am the submissive wife. Slowly, the tale gets exposed.” Stay tuned for more updates on Bollywood Life…