Kavach: Saudamini possesses Rajbir and creates havoc in Bundela house

This episode was about possessing Rajbir

Saudamini has realised that this is not Manjulika who is pretending to be her daughter but Paridhi. She decides to play the game her way. She tells Paridhi it was Rajbir who helped them. The manage to convince Paridhi that it is Rajbir when Saudamini posseses him and makes him say that he wants to sell off Bundela house. He gets cozy with Manjulika to make Paridhi jealous who gets deeply affected by it and leaves. That was the most creepiest thing I ever so. This Rajbir is Saudamini who is getting too close for comfort with her own daughter.

For Paridhi, it was another reason to visit Hanumanji’s temple where the pandit asks her to sort her issues with her husband not before giving the prasad. Weirdly, temples in these shows are forever open. How?

Back to Bundela house, Rajbir again remembers Paridhi because uske favourite shirt ka button toot gaya hai. Suddenly Paridhi barges in. Rajbir berates her and says just because his family has accepted her, doesn’t mean he will too. Thank god, the man can take a stand. He throws her out of the room. She yells sach ka saamna and all. She annoys the hell out of him and he then gives in. He asks what she wants to know. But before she could say you were talking to spirits, he storms out. Manjulika then dares Paridhi to let her do anything. She possesses Paridhi and tries to seduce Rajbir. She asks him to share his drinks and he gets reminded how Paridhi hates drinking. But still his head couldn’t process the fact that she isn’t paridhi. Stupid serials!

Manjulika then decides to up the ante and gets into a sexy rain dance to lure him which will definitely put you off intimacy with your partner for a few days. Have to give it to Rajbir, he resists the temptation and pushes her. That angers Manjulika and she gets out of Paridhi’s body only to hold her hair tightly to torture her. Manjulika torments Paridhi by scaling up her height which turned her hair hairy. Weirdo! Paridhi starts gravitating and Manulika leaves her like that. The Kilvish saviour returns to bring her back to ground. Paridhi loses consciousness and he puts her to bed. Yes, he does! He could be a male nanny… likes to put people to sleep may be.

Anyway, Paridhi wakes up next morning and gets flooded by memories of this Kilvish man. But she instead decides to find Rajbir. The latter gets in from outside and Shakti tries to get into a conversation with him.  But he lies to his brother and leaves. Paridhi tries to tell Shakti Rajbir is the culprit and got his father attacked but Shakti asks Paridhi to think before what she is saying. Disappointed, Paridhi decides to speak to Rajbir only but finds him sleeping. An emotional moment passes…no nothing romantic about that.

Shakti tries to talk to Rajbir and asks him the to clear his differences with Paridhi. Shreya is very worried about Vishal. The family realises that Rajbir has drafted documents to sell off the house. Saudamini realises things can get ugly for her plan and so she possesses Rajbir.  The latter then forces Shakti to sign the document as well. Shakti signs the papers to keep peace. Strangely, when Saudamini gets out of Rajbir’s body, he vanishes. Guess they forgot that’s not how possessions occur in this show.

In the next episode, Saudamini attacks Rajbir and Paridhi uses this weakness of Manjulika for Rajbir against the mother and daughter.