Kavach: Paridhi gets accused of attacking Rajbir’s father!

Today’s episode had too much masala…

Today’s episode of Kavach had a lot of things to look on. In the last episode, Paridhi and Heeja ji had successfully put the two witches inside a room and fastened it with a lot of spells. Or so they thought. Manjulika and Saudamini manage to get out of the trap with the help of a mole in the house. The moment Manjulika gets released, she goes back to her job – possessing Paridhi. She does that, Saudamini lures Rajbir’s father to a secluded area and tries to kill him. Rajbir watches the crime happening on camera and gets really angry at Paridhi. He runs to save his father’s life. Paridhi reaches a corridor and Manjulika decides to leave her body for time being. Paridhi is clueless what is she doing here. This isn’t the first time she found herself in a place she wasn’t supposed to be. I don’t understand the surprise there. Anyway, when she goes to meet Rajbir, he insults her and asks her to leave. Paridhi is still clueless. He runs to his save his father and that’s when Manjulika realised what she is getting accused of. Rajbir wakes up the whole family by yelling, “Papa, papa.” All of them then join hands in insulting Paridhi and asks her to leave. She goes to the scene of crime and tries to understand how the spirits got out. That’s when Manjulika and Saudamini appear and aided by bad graphics tell her the whole story. When Paridhi went to check the fuse after a blackout, Manjulika possesses her. It sounded as if she was coughing rather than getting possessed. Never saw such a thing ever!

Saudamini uses the possessed Paridhi to make Rajbir’s father to get rid of the kavach and Manjulika aka Paridhi attacks her. Meanwhile, Police has arrived to arrest Paridhi. People start looking for her and Rajbir says I will get her. Really? It’s the cops not her prospective suitor. They obviously couldn’t find her but Police assures they will.

Amidst all this chaos, Paridhi manages to get time to go for a dress change. She changes to pink salwar kurta when she dashes to Heera Ji for help. Fashion quotient should never dip, guess that’s one of the dont’s of this show. Heera ji is visibly pissed to see her handiwork go waste, that needed saadhna after all. She asks Paridhi to find the mole in the house who set these two pishachinis free. But she needs to ward off Manjulika who keeps possessing her as favourite passtime. So Heera ji gives her beads which can work for the same. That does work when Manjulika tries to possess her but not for too long. She manages to corner Paridhi who now decides to call Lord Hanuman for help. And he appears as a flash of lightning looking like Shaktiman’s Kilvish. He then leaves after saving her. Oh yea, Manjulika gets blinded by the bright light and fails to do her bidding. So this Kilvish lookalike disappears suddenly and Paridhi decides to follow. That takes her to a greenhouse which looked like they being inside a green cylinder. He just wouldn’t listen to her ‘suniye’ but she wouldn’t quit calling him so. Suddenly Heera Ji appears in this mesh. Manjulika returns to haunt her but before she couldn’t attack her, she gets trapped in a web. Yes, spider web! Don’t even think about Spiderman’s presence here. We hope as hell he doesn’t get dragged into this mess too.

Heerja Ji catches up with Paridhi and they decide to do some havan. Heera ji is now qualified to nail the two evil spirits. During havan, Paridhi sees weird stuff of a bad looking man and a kid laughing in a sinister way. Heera ji couldn’t see it so she asks what Paridhi saw and she tells her. They decide to get through this riddle but before that Heera ji instructs her to catch the mole. Paridhi just doesn’t listen. The poor Heera ji has been saying this again and again! Hmpf!

Paridhi goes back to Bundela house but they don’t take her in. Rajbir even personally throws her out of the house. But Paridhi won’t go and stays outside the house all night. It starts raining and Rajbir sends umbrella and blanket for her. Saudamini sees this and asks Paridhi why is she behaving like this. She mistakes Paridhi for Manjulika and the former takes advantage of it. She convinces Saudamini not to kill Rajbir’s father for time being till she manages to make Rajbir her man. Saudamini agrees.

The mole is unearthed and she is Natasha Bundela. Can’t say we are surprised. She has been screeching at the top of her voice since the start of the episode. She calls up the Police to catch Paridhi but when they arrive, they are stopped from doing their work. Who stops them, check that out in the next episode if you want to.

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