Katrina Kaif’s abs in Kala Chashma make Twitter go nuts!

There are also those who disliked it thoroughly…

In an one-off marketing move, Karan Johar released the song of Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra‘s Kala Chashma first rather than the trailer of Baar Baar Dekho. The latter will soon follow. But the run up to it was pretty interesting. By releasing stills of the song, the makers made everyone curious and set the tune for an electrifying dance song. Now more than half the job was already done by the fact that it is a hit 90s single by Amar Arshi which still gets played at clubs and discos. Thanks to Katrina’s abs and Sidharth’s moves, the song has become even more popular. Twitter thus erupted and got divided. Some couldn’t stop watching the song while others requested people to not mess with 90s hits. Here are some of the reactions we compiled for you.

Let’s begin with the GOOD

I literally CANNOT get over how hot katrina is #KalaChashma! HER ABS, HER BODY, HER FACE, HER MOVES, HER EXPRESSIONS. EVERYTHING ON POINT

— jyoti (@jyotikumar97) July 27, 2016

Not a fan of Punjabi type songs but Katrina Kaif looks

Funniest part was when Sid was lip syncing to the female singer#KalaChashma

— Akaash (@its_akaash) July 27, 2016

Hello 2000…, I am seeing and reliving you in 2016.. #KalaChashma

— Zeal (@blithesoul_) July 27, 2016

How #Katrina…how do you manage to look this graceful and rhythmic? #KalaChashma

— #SocialYogi (Gopal) (@OhMyCork) July 27, 2016

Not a fan of katrina!! But…
Just can’t get over her abs her look in #KalaChashma
She’s looking stunning n her body #goals

— Puja:) (@shawpuja) July 27, 2016

#KalaChashma pic.twitter.com/w0oOH2cNhj

— Ankit Sinha (@imasinha) July 27, 2016

Main kya ji Tenu kala chasma jach da eh Jach da eh gorey mukhre te #KalaChashma pic.twitter.com/eHHgk2cwhm

— Ek Aur Engineer (@amarjeetsheoran) July 27, 2016

Time to get on with the BAD

#KalaChashma is such a disappointment!

— Durjoy Datta (@durjoydatta) July 27, 2016

#KalaChashma #Lanat #NothingMeaningfull

— Umer Farooq (@Umer___Farooq) July 27, 2016


Can you for heaven’s sake, please leave some nice punjabi song alone and not fuck it up with Badshah’s nonsense? So pissed #kalachashma

— Aarti Sharma (@purple_litchi) July 27, 2016

What is this new trend – Bollywood rehashing hit Punjabi songs from 5-6 years back?
Saturday Saturday, Chull, high heels
& now #KalaChashma

— Rashi Kakkar (@rashi_kakkar) July 27, 2016


The only takeaway from #KalaChashma pic.twitter.com/dvB3pfGYRF

— Parth Shahanand (@PastasaurusRex) July 27, 2016


It seems time is running backward…90s ! #KalaChashma But Original stays evergreen…what next “kangna tera ni” or “Jine mera Dil lutiya”

— Shourav kar. (@Shouravkar) July 27, 2016

And the BLAH…

Sorry Dear Katrina Kaif, Urvashi Rautela is more hotter than you. #KalaChashma

— Kid #TheFizz (@SirTahmidAhmed) July 27, 2016

If you haven’t watched the song yet, WATCH IT NOW.


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