Katrina Kaif declared as the female Salman Khan of Bollywood and we’re not kidding!

Haha this is so awkwardly funny! Read on to find out who’s given her this tag…

So everyone’s busy crushing on Katrina Kaif and why wouldn’t they? After all, her abs-show in Baar Baar Dekho’s Kaala Chashma  has literally taken over the internet right now to an extent that people have almost forgotten that the song also features Sidharth Malhotra. Such a win-win situation for Katrina. But having said that, little did we expect that Katrina’s this sexy transformation will further win her the title of being the ‘Female Salman Khan’ of Bollywood. Yes! Can you believe it?

While there are tons of reactions swooning over Katrina’s abs. We happened to also come across this awkwardly funny set of tweets where people have actually declared Katrina as the Female Salman Khan, all thanks to her HOT AF fitness. Now for all that we know, Salman has always been this trendsetter when it comes to fitness.


I mean, there was a time when people would actually aspire to have a body like Salman and we believe that’s exactly what’s happening with Katrina today. The hottie is not only setting fitness goals or let’s say abs goals but is even turning out to become the new fitness icon in Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif is female Salman Khan #KalaChashma

— Good Doctor (@iamthemaulik) July 27, 2016

After Salman, it’s Katrina who’s going to be sending a lot of people to gym!

— Husain M Zaidi (@SanMedu9) July 27, 2016

But do you think calling Katrina the female Salman Khan of Bollywood is really justified? I dunno, it sounds damn funny to me. Drop your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll be back with more updates right here, only on BollywoodLife.

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