Justin Bieber is definitely team Kanye West as he just DISSED Taylor Swift!

Wow, looks like Bieber and his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez have locked horns over Kanye-Taylor spat!

This battle between Kanye West and Taylor Swift just went to another level! By now everybody knows what we’re talking about, yes it’s the Taylor Kanye war with respect to his single Famous. Ever since the phone call recording was leaked by KimYe, the internet has literally formed two major armies, one of course, supporting the New Romantics hitmaker while the other going with the Famous rapper (did you see the pun we used there?). Not just the internet, actually, but Hollywood, to be more precise have broken out into two big armies led by team KimYe and team Tay! And guess one of the newest entrant to cast his vote is none other than Justin Bieber.

The Purpose hitmaker took to his Instagram a few moments ago to share this picture of him FaceTiming Kanye with a caption saying, “Taylor Swift, what up” Ouch. Knowing that Biebs and Swift aren’t that pally considering the on and off relationship he has had with her BFF Selena Gomez, it’s not a surprise that he chose to support West, with whom he also shares his manager! I mean, duh! He didn’t even have to think twice. However, looks like it’s him vs Gomez as she has gone all out to show her support for Taylor Swift.

Taylor swift what up

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It’s funny how things have now chilled out between Gomez and Bieber as we saw some Snapchat videos of hers where she is dancing to Justin’s new song, Cold Water. But considering they are playing for opposite teams, we wonder if it will in any way affect their newfound amity. So far, after defending herself by posting a writeup, Tay hasn’t really reacted to anything. In fact, after standing up for her BFF, even Selena hasn’t said a word regarding this spat. Wonder if this post by Justin might instigate some sort of reaction from either of them.

What do you think, fans of Selena and Justin? What do you think will happen next? Tell us in the comments section below! And stay tuned to this space for more gossips and latest updates!