Jiah Khan case: Rabia Khan reacts to CBI’s SHOCKING statement to HC

Late actress’ mother has pointed out many anomalies in CBI’s statement

On Monday, after CBI told Bombay High Court that Jiah Khan’s death was not a murder but case of suicide, a division bench headed asked Rabia Khan to prepare the list of anomalies in the investigation by police and CBI and submit it on August 23. Rabia was visibly upset by the reporting that were made by CBI. She has stated that she will not rest till the truth is out.

Talking to a news daily the late actress’ mother called the CBI’s version of the case ‘appalling’. “If need be, I will go to the Supreme Court to get justice for my daughter. It is not monetarily feasible for me to make frequent trips to India. There are far too many discrepancies in CBI’s initial version and now.” She said.

Further pointing out the anomalies in the investigation Rabia said “If we go just by the charge sheet they have submitted, their version in court yesterday doesn’t match the written word. Who is the CBI trying to fool? The two prime evidences in a death case are the dead body and the victim’s cell phone. If it was a case of suicide, how can the CBI explain injury marks on her, the blood tissues found in her nails and the prominent bruise on her arm? These should be enough to raise an alarm. Coming to the phone, the BBM evidence was deleted. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was ready to assist in retrieving the transcripts from the server. In the digital space, nothing can be deleted. This is why I was asking for the FBI intervention. Their involvement could prove to be essential in the case. ”

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The news daily reports that Prashant Patil, Sooraj’s lawyer, has reiterated, “We cannot take a stand on this case because it is between Rabia and CBI and does not involve us. It is sad because my client has a right to a free and fair trial. All we want is the process to be expedited.”