Ishqbaaz 12 April 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Anika’s master plan royally foil Kamini’s evil intentions

Ishqbaaz starts with Pinky (Nitika Anand) getting Priyanka (Subha Rajput) decked as a bride. Anika calls Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) but his phone is unreachable. She gets stressed. Priyanka says I hope everything goes right. Kamini (Amrapali Gupta) enters inside and Pinky asks why are you here? Pinky tells Kamini that Priyanka will catch nazar. She says Ranveer is ready as a groom. Anika says I will not let Priyanka marry Ranveer (Ayush Anand). In another room, Ranveer tells Kamini that preponement of the wedding means that we have got diamonds worth Rs 200 crore and Mahi’s arrest plan is on hold. Kamini says we will ruin their respect too. Mahi says it is not right to ruin Priyanka’s character. He says we are not that bad. He says Priyanka is not at fault. Kamini says even you were blameless but people taunted you. Mahi says my conscience does not permit. Kamini says if you had such issues, you should have refused before now our plan is all set. Mahi says I cannot stoop down so low. Kamini says you worry about everyone else besides your Maa. Kamini says I am scared of Mahi more than SSO. Ranveer persuades him. (Also Read: Ishqbaaz April 11 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Anika is in a fix about how to save Saumya’s life)

Pinky brings out Priyanka as a bride. Mahi says I cannot see Anika. He says it is suprising that Anika is missing from the wedding. Kamini says everyone is smart beside you. Mahi sees Anika alone in a room and worries. Ranveer locks up the room and they leave. Kamini signals Mahi to go near Priyanka as he is Shivaay. Pinky says the sight of this duplicate makes my blood boil. Kamini says these people are losers. Rudra and Tej says we will show them what the Oberoi’s can do. Mahi feels hesitant about the whole thing. The press has arrived. The priest tells the couple to come forward. Kamini stops Ranveer and tells Pinky you are forgetting something? Kamini talks about the dowry. She says I want the diamonds worth Rs 200 crore. She tells Mahi that SSO I feel your family is waiting for permission. He tells Tej to give the diamonds. A girl brings the stones. Kamini says I hope this is real. She says I got my jeweller with me. He says the diamonds are real. Daadi says let us start the rituals now. Kamini presses a button and confetti goes up inside the mansion. Chits come out of it and press reads that Priyanka Oberoi is pregnant. Daadi and Rudra are stunned to read this as is Tej. The media questions them that is this the reason why you guys are getting Priyanka married to an ordinary cop.

Kamini says they hid such a big truth from us that their daughter is going to be an unwed mother. Tej says this is nonsense. Pinky says how dare you ruin my daughter’s image. Shakti says how can you do such lowly thing. Kamini says it is written on paper. Pinky says it is a ploy. Kamini asks Ranveer if the baby is his. He says no, we never had physical relations. Kamini says look at these cheap people. Tej says I will sue you guys. Kamini says you cannot buy my son, I refused to get Ranveer married here. She says let us leave. A voice says leave if you wish to, no one is stopping you. Kamini says see how shameless she is, behaving with so much arrogance. Kamini says look at her veil, which is a false show of modesty. She says I will take off your ghunghat. Kamini removes the veil and sees Anika. Mahi is shocked.

Anika taunts Kamini who says what is this tamasha. Kamini says will someone tell me what is happening? Where is Priyanka? Mahi says I knew Anika would do something. Mahi sees the tracker chip in his coat and flees from the scene. Kamini says what is happening, do you have any answers. Pinky says let them know the truth about her wickedness. Kamini tells her to mind her language but Tej tells her to shut up. The Oberoi’s come close to Kamini. Tej says don’t you dare Kamini misbehave with my family or else I will not spare you? Anika says your plan is flopped. Anika says we duped you as we knew your cheap tricks. She says you thought we could not do anything in 20 mins. She says you are facing Shivaay Singh Oberoi who can do anything for his family.

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