Irrfan Khan’s bold take on religion at a recent debate show has brought him both, appreciation and threats!

On Monday night, Irrfan created history, when on Arnab Goswami’s talk show, he took on religious fundamentalists, self-appointed custodians, and interpreters of the holy scriptures.

Irrfan Khan’s argument was simple. All he politely submitted to the panel of angry attackers was, he didn’t need any mediators and go-betweens to establish a connection between him and God.

This naturally incensed the religious heads who sarcastically suggested that Irrfan should restrict himself to acting and not intervene in religious matters, This is the typical argument offered by religious heads when they feel threatened by an emboldened rational line of thought which comes forward to ask basic question on ritualistic practice in any religion.

Irrfan very clearly stated he didn’t need any support to uphold his beliefs. That his doubts and misgivings about the way religion and the holy scriptures are interpreted, were his own. At a time when terror attacks are creating havoc with human faith and basic trust among human beings, Irrfan has thrown the option for all individuals with a voice to say they are united in creating peace and harmony in a world torn apart by divisive forces.

For his outspokenness, Irrfan has apparently been flooded with threats and intimidation. While he refused to comment any further on the matter, a colleague said, “This is not an attempt to be fashionably irreverent. His expression of doubts and misgivings come from a deep-rooted conviction that much of what is wrong in the world today, has to do with the wrong interpretation of religious books. He’s aware of the dangers that his frankspeak poses to him and his family. We are very proud of him.”


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