Hrithik Roshan’s new abode is inspired by Katrina Kaif’s home!

Hrithik loved Katrina’s home so much that he hired the same architect who did her place!

Hrithik Roshan’s new bachelor pad, his sea facing residence in Juhu is no less than a holiday home. Inspired by sea, the house is full of graffiti and portraits of his kids Hridhaan and Hrehaan. The architect behind this masterpiece is no one else but the same man who designed Hrithik’s Bang Bang co-star Katrina Kaif’s home – Ashiesh Shah. Talking to a news daily the famous architect spilled beans on how Hrithik’s abode took shape!

When asked about the design brief provided to him, Shah said “Hrithik called me and said he’d seen Katrina Kaif’s new home in Bandra (which I’d done) and loved it. He said he wanted that vibe too. I got to work. We went about part by part, we did a few changes, we reoriented a few things and then we started working on the lifestyle aspect… How he would actually live in the space.” We don’t even know how beautiful Katrina’s home is exactly but from the glimpse we got in her Facebook introduction video, we say it looks marvellous.

Hrithik Roshan has said in an interview with Casa Vogue “Building this home was really about discovering myself. I wanted to explore what would manifest on the outside if I go purely by what I felt inside,”

Asked about the funny graffiti all over the house, Shah told the news daily “All Hrithik’s! He is a poetic soul. Many have even been written by him. I got my studio staff to work on creating these custom pieces. We put quotes in frames, on hidden corners of the wall, on pebbles in the terrace-garden… we kind of played around to give it meaning and personalise it. Also, we made his family photographs a moveable wall grid, so you can keep adding or subtracting from it.”