Divyanka Tripathi describes the actor stereotypes in a HILARIOUS manner in the third teaser of Rang Dey!

People who are skeptical about getting married should hear Divyanka out!

Dreamy, romantic, cute we have run out of adjectives to describe Divyanka Tripathi’s marriage with Vivek Dahiya. The wedding that happened in Bhopal on July 8 was one of the most lavish ones of the year. It was a traditional marriage as the TV diva had always dreamt of. In the third teaser of Rang Dey, we get a glimpse into what went behind the union.

Like every Indian family, Divyanka’s parents also wanted to know what kind of guy Vivek Dahiya was. She says that her mother and elder sister wanted to meet and interact with him. She also points out how 90 per cent of the guys behave in the industry and say that it is easy to lose touch with reality in this field. However, Vivek was just not like those and bowled everyone one. He was not like the typical industry boys.

The actress says that like her he also wanted marriage. There are many relationships in the industry but few of them culminate into marriage. Vivek also wanted marriage. He had a clear picture of what he wanted from a relationship. It was this clarity that wowed the actress’ family.

In the earlier teaser, we saw how Vivek made life more beautiful for Divyanka. The actress who was caught in the mundane things of life had forgotten to enjoy those small moments. She says it was Vivek who brought back the beauty of music in her life. How romantic! The two have given us all sort of goals related to marriage and relationships.

What we love is how confident Divyanka is about Vivek. They look wonderfully happy in each other’s company. We love how Vivek looks into DT’s eyes time and again. In modern times, relationships are under a lot of stress. We do need ideal couples to look upto to break the cynicism. DiVek are just one of them. And a gorgeous pair too!

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