Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya’s Rang Dey trailer is OUT and you simply cannot miss!

Mind you, this video is a total gush fest so you might as well be prepared to be blown away by this romantic couple!

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya may have asked for a low key hush hush kinda wedding but clearly, that just escalated all sorted of curiosity for the same. Their wedding was no short of a fairytale but guess what, their love story too is quite the same! The duo got married earlier this month and it was one grand affair to remember. Starting from their sangeet pictures to their wedding videos and finally, how they celebrated their married status with the TV industry folks here in Mumbai, it all only gave synonyms to grandeur. They first met on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and well, cupid struck between these two who soon took a step ahead in this relationship.

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Although we did think that the pics from all her wedding ceremonies would not suffice our want to know what really happened at the wedding in motion visuals. But looks like the couple knew that already! Their complete wedding footage was taken care of by The Wedding Story, who gave us access to what happened at the wedding through pics. And finally, they have released a video footage of their wedding too. Basically, it’s a lot like a movie where both Divyanka and Vivek have spoken about how this romance bloomed and prospered. Their perception of each other when they first met is so darn cute that you just have to see it.

In the video, not only do we see some unseen footage of DiVek’s larger than life wedding but also see how it was literally a fairytale lovestory. In fact, you can actually relate their love story to that of Taylor Swift’s famous song, Love Story! We don’t kid you here. Because Mrs Dahiya even stated how her life was black and white and Vivek added colour to it. If you’re ready for some gushing then we’d suggest you check out the video but mind you, it is gonna make you feel super green in envy. We simply cannot wait for the full footage to come out!

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