Dishoom banned in Pakistan and Varun Dhawan is extremely upset!

It’s indeed bad news for the makers…

John Abraham and Varun Dhawan’s buddy cop film Dishoom has hit the theatres and it has been receiving positive responses. Everyone is talking about the concept and the chemistry between both the actors. Varun, John and Jacqueline Fernandez left no stone unturned to promote the film .But looks like Pakistan is not really happy with the concept of the film as they have banned Dishoom the country. Yes!

As per Pakistan’s censor board, the film has shown the country in the bad light so they have banned the film. Dishoom deals with the kidnapping of an Indian cricketer just 36 hours before the final match of India and Pakistan.

However, Varun from the beginning has clarified that the film has not shown any country in a bad light. The actor took to twitter and expressed his displeasure on this recent development. “Really upset that #Dishoom is banned in pakistan. I don’t think the film eventually shows any country in a bad light. It’s a wrong decision,” he wrote.

Earlier during the promotions of the film, Dhawan Jr had explained that the film is not anti-Pakistan. “I would like to clear this. There is no negative reference against Pakistan or any community. It is a very positive representation. In fact, what we are trying to show is that for certain people money is their religion. It’s not being an Indian, Pakistani, Hindu, Muslim or Christian. In the capitalistic world that we live in, money is the biggest driving force for most crimes, ” Varun had asserted. But it seems Pakistan is in no mood to relent.

Well the banning of the film will surely hamper the box office numbers of the film worldwide.