Did Aamir Khan really LOSE OUT on an endorsement coz of Manohar Parrikar? Watch video!

While reports suggest Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is the man behind removing Aamir as the ambassador of a leading brand. We bring to you the actual VIDEO right here!

So we reported to you how Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar went onto take a dig at Aamir Khan over his ‘anti-government remark.” at a recent book launch. Without naming Khan, he said, “One actor had said that his wife wants to live out of India. It was an arrogant statement. If I am poor and my house is small, I will still love my house and always dream to make a bungalow out of it.” Obviously, he referred to Aamir who in the month of November last year had voiced his displeasure over not feeling safe in India.

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However in addition to this, reports further suggest how Parrikar is the man behind removing Aamir as the ambassador of a leading brand as he apparently admitted saying, “When the actor did this, then the company which he was endorsing was an online trading company. But some of ‘Our people’ are very smart, I know. There was a team which was working on this. They were telling people you order and return it”. But guys, guess Parrikar has been misquoted with respect to the above quote. Yes!

We just came across this video of Parrikar’s speech where he’s spoken about Aamir. But nowhere has he said “Our people” are very smart. Instead, he’s clearly referred to ‘Many People” who raged against Aamir for his ‘intolerant’ remark and wanted him to leave endorsing one of the India’s leading brand.

Here check out the video in the below link

PS: Parikar has also clarified he did not target any specific person but is against the overall “unrest”. He is not opposed to the “freedom of expression, but feels that country is supreme.”

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