Chiyaan Vikram: When Nayanthara is in the frame, it’s sheer magic!

Looks like the gorgeous actress has cast a spell on Chiyaan Vikram while working for Iru Mugan.

So today social media was plenty abuzz about Iru Mugan’s trailer and audio launch. After all the movie starred Chiyaan Vikram, one of the most versatile South actors we have known! And today, the trailer only further highlighted Vikram’s versatility, with his two contrasting appearances – Akhilan and Love. One is a sexy RAW agent who beats up goons black and the other is an equally sexy villain who only wants to create havoc. Two distinctive characters, played by the same person! Chiyaan, you are killing it. The movie also stars two gorgeous women-Nithya Menen and Nayanthara. Nithya aka Ayushi is part of Vikram’s team while Nayanthara aka Helena sets Vikram’s heart racing. We really don’t blame Vikram because Nayanthara is looking too gorgeous in the trailer. This is the first time both these stars are working together and now we wonder, why didn’t  they get together sooner! Because their chemistry is just sizzling!

In fact, even co-star Vikram was all praises for Nayanthara at the Iru Mugan event. Looking his sexy, stylish self, Vikram talked about Iru Mugan and his characters. That’s when he talked about what it was like working with Nayanthara. “Nayanthara has got an aura. When she’s in the frame, it’s sheer magic. Our chemistry has come out really well.” Whoa Nayanthara, seems to have left him spell bound.

Iru Mugan is a fast paced sci-fi flick directed by Anand Shankar. The music is composed by Harris Jayaraj. The movie is most likely to see a September release. Now, we are anxiously waiting for the movie. Till then, why don’t you catch the trailer? Also, let us know how awesome do Vikram and Nayanthara look?