Can’t take your eyes off Katrina Kaif’s ABS from Kaala Chashma? Here’s how you can get them now!

We EXCLUSIVELY got in touch with Katrina’s fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala to know everything about her secret workout and here’s what she had to say. Read on…

So everyone is swooning over Katrina Kaif’s abs right now. Especially after watching her in her recently released song Kaala Chashma from Baar Baar Dekho . I mean, boy! What curves, eh? All eyes are feasting on her waist, the proof of which is even coming evident on Twitter. But ever wondered what does it take to get those drool worthy abs? Well we’ve cracked the secret to it thanks to Katrina’s personal fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala who reveals it all right from the actress’ strict diet to how many hours does she work out everyday. Read on…

#Special workout

Yasmin reveals,”We’ve been only doing Pilates, different sets of Pilates and a lot of cardio. I have been doing a lot of alignment work especially on her abs, focusing more on her abdomen. But having said that, we’ve been equally working out on her arms and other parts of the body. You know, I keep changing what she needs to do depending on the look that she’s giving. But these abs are definitely because of her combination of Pilates and cardio.


#Secret diet

“Katrina is very very good with her food. She has oat cake in the morning followed by lunch which will be fish and vegetables. Later, she’ll munch on healthy snacks in the evening which we serve at our gym say like healthy cakes, protein crushers and stuff like that. They are made out of low sugar, dark chocolate so that it comes tasty and healthy at the same time. Then for dinner she eats eggs and soup.

#Hours dedicated for workout

“Katrina has been at a good fitness level for a very long time. I think before the shoot of Pashmina song in Fitoor, she had put on a little weight and we really worked hard to shed those extra kilos relying on different sets of Pilates, cardio. Since then, she is very regular and we have been maintaining that, getting better and better with every passing day.”, elates the trainer.

Well, now that gives out a lot about Katrina’s fitness, right? One last time, check out her moves right here and do come back to BollywoodLife for more such updates.

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