Beyhadh 12 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Saanjh’s cross-questioning of Arjun leaves Maya distraught in Court

Beyhadh starts with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) telling the Judge that Arjun (Kushal Tandon) said that Maya Mehrotra (Jennifer Winget) is able to handle everything so how could she not manage this. She says Ayaan (Sumit Bharadwaj) managed to get in and rape her. Arjun says you have misunderstood it. Saanjh says there is so much security at home. She says rape is possible only if Maaya lies. Arjun says Dusky. She says call me Saanjh Mathur. She says the limits of friendship are over and now only truth can save you. Arjun steps down from the witness box. He tells Maaya he is very sorry. She says you only support your evil family.

Saanjh calls Simmi, Ayaan’s fiancee and asks would she marry a rapist. Simni says no. Saanjh says it is Maaya’s truth that he is a rapist. Simmi says Ayaan never touched me without permission how can you he rape Maaya. Her parents also verify Ayaan’s character and say the case is false. Saanjh says everyone testifies that Ayaan is a guy of good character. She gives a record of their statements to the Judge. Saanjh says it is proved that he is a good brother as well. Arjun stares at her. (Also Read: Beyhadh 11 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Arjun and Saanjh gear up to face each other in court)

Saanjh says I want to call Arjun once again in the witness box. His lawyer objects but Saanjh says I only gave him a break. Saanjh says I heard you hit your wife. Maaya gets up and says it is a lie. She says it is a personal matter. Saanjh says shut up this is a Court and only I have the right to scream here. Saanjh says look at Maaya, she was crying minuts before, now she is as angry as a tigress. Saanjh says CCTV cameras are watching you, so be careful. Her lawyer makes her sit down. Arjun says I do not beat my wife and this was cleared in the conference. Saanjh says your wife said she is pregnant.

She says is it a lie that Maaya is pregnant. Saanjh shows reports that Maaya was never pregnant. Saanjh says a woman will lie about her pregnancy, only when she has a nasty plan. She says things are not right n your marriage, your hubby beats you. Maaya tells her to stop and says he never hit her. Maaya says I felt I was pregnant but I guess a baby is not in my destiny. Saanjh feels a pang of guilt. Maaya says pregnancy test kits can err at times. Saanjh says a test kit will hide your lie now. Maaya gets up angrily and Saanjh tells her to sit down. I will question you later.

Saanjh says Maaya loves Arjun lot but he did not wish to London for 3 days with his wife. She says Arjun is like a spider trapped in his own web. Maaya tortures him. Saanjh says you told Ayaan how Maaya tortures you daily. Sanjh says you are under surveillance. Arjun says yes she has a camera because we are rich people and need security. He says Maaya worries for me. Saanjh says then why is the control not with police or agency. Saanjh says she is psychotic. Arjun says why are you saying this? Saanjh says please note that their marriage is not right. Maaya has isoltaed her husband, she says her love is madness and she has no sense of right and wrong. She says when false pregnancy did not work, she put up a false rape case to isolate him from his family. Arjun says no woman can lie like this. Saanjh says Maaya can lie.

She says this is the start of Arjun’s interrogation and says he is used to living in control. Saanjh says when you were home how come you did not wake up to help your wife. Maaya is stunned. Saanjh says how is it possible that you can sleep when your wife is being raped. She says were you forced to sleep extra soundly. He says I was drinking too much and slept too soundly. Saanjh says it is not right to drink a lot when your wife is accusing people of rape. She says how can you say with confidence with she was raped. Arjun says I heard everything in sleep. He repeats what Ayaan said.

Saanjh says you heard Ayaan and tells the court to note it down. Saanjh tells the judge he was still sleeping though his wife was being threatened. Saanjh says your wife locked you up. Arjun says no. Saanjh recollects the incidents and says Ayaan wanted to help Arjun but she put key inside her blouse. Saanjh says Maaaya lied, she created a fake rape scene. She says she fell on Ayaan creating a fake impression before others. Saanjh says Ayaan is falsely acussed here. Maaya slumps down her chair banging her head.

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