Are Hollywood filmmakers scared of Salman, Shah Rukh and Rajinikanth?

There have been instances in the past where Hollywood makers have purposely altered their release dates in India

Suicide Squad will be releasing this week in India and as a good news there won’t be any Bollywood movie clashing with it. Though many might wonder why a Hollywood film would suffer because of Bollywood since the content and audience ratio vary, however Hollywood seems is now eyeing Bollywood; at least when it comes to the profits that they make here. Though it has been observed that Hollywood movies do better when released with their Bollywood counterparts, the makers in the West are in no mood to take any chances. They like playing it safe when it comes to clashing with a Bollywood film with a huge star cast and budget. They don’t mind even altering their release dates if that avoids clashing.

Many movies in the past have either preponed or postponed their release dates to avoid the clash and that seems like a wise decision. The most recent example is of Ice Age : Collision Course which was supposed to release in India around July 15, a week prior to it’s US release date. The reason behind this was to avoid clash with Rajinikanth’s Kabali which was earlier releasing in first week of July.

Later when Kabali shifted it’s date to July 22, another big Hollywood movie directed by Steven Spielberg postponed it’s release to July 29, a week later. Distributors were of the opinion that even a Spielberg movie won’t stand a good chance against someone as strong as Rajinikanth, and this was a smart move.

Before Ice Age, it was Spectre who postponed it’s release in India to avoid clash with Salman Khan’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. The movie was postponed by a week. Later during Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan, the makers of Jungle Book too had to release their movie a week prior in India to avert the collision with King Khan’s movie. Though no one has ever admitted to change their dates, it is a well known factor.

Reports suggest that many Hollywood makers try and avoid clashes with Bollywood movies. Clash at the box office also mean that, profits get divided due to limited screens.