Akshaye Khanna: I enjoy being alone. I am comfortable in my skin.

The actor opens up about his personal life and commitment phobia as he gears up for his big release i.e. Dishoom!

A lot may agree with us when we say that it was quite a pleasant surprise to see Akshaye Khanna onscreen in the trailer of Dishoom. The actor went on a way too long sabbatical that spanned across five years. After which, he signed this Varun Dhawan, John Abraham starrer but wished to not be the lead in the film. Yeah, quite surprising as it may sound but Khanna decided to take the backseat for sometime before he took over the centrestage. With a Jason Statham like appearance, surely Akshaye as a baddie may actually be more appreciated!

Having lost touch with the industry and then making this appearance once again, the actor was obviously asked questions pertaining to his sudden disappearance from Bollywood, his reasons for choosing Dishoom as his comeback and of course, his relationship status. In an interview with Bombay Times, on being asked why he vanished from the surface of Bollywood, he said, “My perspective hasn’t changed much. I have been working since I was 19. When someone like me takes a sabbatical, it leads to a few happy realisations. It was only when I was away that I realised how films are such a big part of my life.Here’s my analogy -when you are running a business, it has to keep making money to thrive. Similarly , acting is a physical and mental necessity . It is essential for artistes to have that release of creativity, almost as necessary as eating food or drinking water. As an actor, it is paramount for us to be on our toes.Without delving much into reasons, I am glad that I took time off. I had rejected offers, but I took an unusual amount of time to find the next few projects to start off with.”

Well, that was a good and positive response received from the actor. However, what caught us by surprise was his relationship status and his take on the subject too! He said, “I’m even more commitment phobic now. I wasn’t like that in the past but over time, I have become more wary of relationships. It has a lot to do with the fact that I enjoy being alone. I am comfortable in my skin. As bizarre as it sounds, it is important for me to be left in my space. I prefer it that way. Ninety per cent of people in the world like to be surrounded by loved ones but I’m diametrically opposite. My ‘alone time’ is sacrosanct. The thought of giving up my space for anyone is frightening.”

Wow. Surely Akshaye has evolved as a person and changed for a lot better! Don’t you think? What are your thoughts? Excited to see him in Dishoom that is slated to release this week? Tell us in the comments section below!


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